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Kashkay Chingiz Mirali oglu

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Azerbaijan Government University (BGU)
Scientific degree
Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences  
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Physical and chemical conditions of alunite  processing
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Petrography, lithology and mineralogy
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"Group of alunite and its structural analogs" (experimental and thermodynamic investigations)
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Basic scientific achievements
Experimental mineralogy. Experimentally investigated of the formation of alunite and its structural analogues, first time synthesized alunite group minerals and determine their thermodynamic parameters. In experiments and in the applied geochemistry a wide place was given to computer modeling.

Instrument making
. Designed and manufactured of the experimental samples of devices - Gas-liquid analyzer and the Continuous thermal analysis devices. Principle of operation and design of these devices have been patented in the United States, Canada, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Experimentally simulate the sorption-desorption species components of black shale strata of the Greater Caucasus. Determined sorption parameters for a number of ore elements and established a mechanism for their differentiation.

Geotechnology. The first time was developed and experimentally tested a new technology of in-situ leaching of the same ore objects of Azerbaijan.  There is one patent and developed several technological KNOW-HOW for this technology. To implement this technology, developed a mobile processing unit, allow to conduct small-scale extraction of ore at various sites.
The new technology of extraction of components from alunite in situ leaching from alunite ores and designed operating system for the simulation of this process.
Names of scientific works
1. Кашкай Ч.М. Физико-химические условия алунитообразования. Изд. Элм, 1972, 81
2. Кашкай Ч.М. Группа алунита и его структурных аналогов. Изд. «ЭЛМ» 1977, 158
3. Кашкай Ч.М. Геохимия. Очерки по истории развития геологии в Азербайджане, Изд. «ЭЛМ», 1982,8
4. КашкайЧ.М. Curative volcanic mud serving human health, Peloid Ltd Co. 2005,118
5. Кашкай Ч.М. Перспективы применения новых природосберегающих геохимических технологий для добычи металлов из месторождений и рудопроявлений Азербайджана, Научное наследие академика М.А.Кашкая, Nafta-Press neshriyat, Baku, 2007,13
6. Кашкай Ч.М., Гейдаров А.А. О возможности выщелачивания ценных металлов из хвостов железорудного производства в комплексе с другими полезными ископаемыми Дашкесанского рудного узла, AMEA Xəbərləri, Yer elmləri, No.1-2, 2016, 49-55
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
Pedagogical activity
Other activities
He operates on the commercialization of research results. In particular, he is the organizer and leader of the project of packaging of medicinal mud from the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan with a view to their implementation at the local and foreign markets. The project was implemented at the Experimental-industrial plant of ANAS. 
Awards and prizes
Honored Geologist
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ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics, H.Javid av. 119, Baku, AZ1143
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(+994 12) 5105618 
(+994 50) 3500336
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