Department of paleontology and stratigraphy

Acting Head of department: PhD (Earth Sciences) Bayramova Shafaq Shamsaddin gizi.

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The beginning of the paleontological stratigraphic investigations in Azerbaijan dates from the 20s of the last century, when micropaleontological investigations were conducted for the first time to develop detailed stratigraphy of oil - gas - bearing Pliocene deposits. This trend has been intensively developed since the beginning of the 50s of the XX century, when the department of paleontology and stratigraphy was formed in Geology Institute of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Academicians M.M. Aliyev and K.A. Alizadeh.

Main trends of investigations of the department are as follows:
  • development of stratigraphic base for the large-scale geomapping, further detailization of geochronological and geochronometric scales of Phanerozoic in Azerbaijan;
  • development of new methods of stratigraphy: seismostratigraphy, stratigraphy of beddings, formed as a result of relative fluctuations of the sea level (sequence-stratigraphy), basin stratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, geochemical stratigraphy and climatic stratigraphy, revealing and preservation of rare paleontological and stratigraphic objects;
  • development of new principles of the application of paleontological-stratigraphic investigations to study sedimentary basins and prediction of commercial minerals, in paleogeographical, paleoclimatic and paleotectonic reconstructions;
  • studies of the organic kingdom evolution;
  • paleoecology and paleozoogeography;
  • application of results of paleontological-stratigraphic investigations to create geodynamic models of large structural units in Azerbaijan taking into consideration all the recent conceptions;
  • application of mathematical methods to dissect and correlate sections, solution of taxonomic problems.

For more than half-century history of its existence, the department specialists have developed detailed regional stratigraphic schemes of the dissection of Phanerozoic in Azerbaijan and monographically studied different archistratigraphic groups of paleofauna in Azerbaijan (ammonites, belemnites, nummulites other groups of foraminifers), corals, urchins, gastropods, bivalve mollusks, brachiopods, Cenozoic flora and etc.

There has been edited a unique atlas “The Cretaceous fauna of Azerbaijan, which is a comprehensive generalization of long-term investigations of paleontologists in Azerbaijan, studying the Cretaceous deposits of the Republic. There has been summarized abundant factual data on stratigraphy of the territory of Azerbaijan and published a volume “Stratigraphy of Azerbaijan” (the first volume of multivolume edition “Geology of Azerbaijan”) in two parts.

It is compiled an atlas of paleogeographic maps (44 maps) of Phanerozoic in Azerbaijan.

It is worked out and edited geochronological scale of Azerbaijan.

“Stratigraphic atlas of oil-and-gas bearing complexes of Azerbaijan” was drawn and published.

The paleontologists of the department applied mathematical models of shells of nummulitides with a polytonic tables for diagnostics and classification of species.

There have been studied regularities of distribution of microelements and isotopes of oxygen in shells of different groups of fauna and their role in the verification of bionomic terms of environment and there have been determined paleotemperatures of the Cretaceous and Cenozoic basins in Azerbaijan.

The specialists of the department develop the international collaboration with leading overseas universities, scientific centers and companies and pursue joint projects on the investigations of stratigraphy and fauna of oil-gas territories and some regions of Azerbaijan.

Important tasks for future scientists’ research of paleontology and stratigraphy department are compiling stratigraphic dictionary of Azerbaijan, creation of new geochronological scale of Azerbaijan and establishment of the absolute age laboratory.