Kabulova Adila Yadulla gizi

Place of Birth
 Yerevan city
Date of Birth
 August 19, 1935
Scientific degree
Topic of PhD thesis:            
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Geology, search and exploration of the oil and gas fields

Geology and geochemistry of oil fields and mud volcanoes
-  topic name
Gas and oil correlation in Lower Kirmaki and Kirmaki suites of anticline zone Fatmai – Peschniy island (Gum adasi) (depending upon litho logical rocks composition and depth of reservoirs occurance)
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Main scientific achievements
The prospects of Bakhar and Shakh-deniz fields have been substantiated on the basis of the oil-and-gas ratios change in the Podkirmaky and Kirmaky fields.

The study of isotopes of methane carbon (ϬС13СH4) and carbon dioxide (ϬС13СO2) and helium isotopes (3He/4He) of oil-and-gas fields and mud volcanoes allowed to substantiate of HC gases genesis.

Chemical composition change of oil-and-gas fields gases allowed to reveal its change regularities according to the individual oil-and-gas bearing areas and to estimate the prospects.

The water-soluble gases research allowed to give the quantitative estimation them in the South-Caspian depression and to recommend theirs as alternative fuel.
Names of scientific works
1. World output of oil and gas

2. Tectonic structure peculiarities of deep seated (8-9 km) depression zones in Lower Kura depression and Baku archipelago and their perspectives of oil and gas content

3. Gas seeps in water area of Alyat foreland: distribution intensity, genesis

4. Technical peculiarities and oil-gas perspectives of deep-seated deposits in depression zones of Lower Kura and Baku archipelago

5. Correlation of productive and red series of Southen Caspian basin
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
Pedagogical activity
Other activities
Awarding and prizes
1. Honored engineer of Azerbaijan Republic

2. Honored Certificate of ANAS
Main place of work and its address
 Institute of Geology and Geophysics ANAS, H.Javid avenue, 119, Baku
 Chief Scientific Worker
Office phone
 (+994 012) 5100141 add.144
 (+994 055) 7198815
Home phone
 (+994 012) 5139427
 (+994 012) 5372285