Ismayil-zada Tahir Tofik oglu

Place of Birth
 Baku, Azerbaijan
Date of Birth
Scientific degree
 Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Topic of PhD thesis:            
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 Geophysics, geophysical methods of searching of the minerals
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 Seismicity and Seismotectonic Terms of Earthquakes Sources in the Belokan-Zakatal Region
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Main scientific achievements
Determination of moderate character of the seismicity of the Belokan-Zakatala region (Ммах < 6,5)

It is revealed that the main threat for Belokan-Zakatalsky area is posed by seismic events of the local centers which maximum intensity according to macroseismic data makes I=VII-VIII of points at the maximum magnitude of M ≈ 4,5.

Intensity of local earthquakes in Belokan and Zakatala is about I=V-VI of points, and they are felt in the form of several pushes, usually no more than three.

The centers of earthquakes of Belokan-Zakatala area have superficial character, settle down at the top sections of crust (km h=5-10) and are connected with features of superficial structure
Names of scientific works
1. Peculiarity of Seismicity in the Balakend-Zagatal Region, Azerbaijan. The problems of seismology in Uzbekistan – Tashkent, AS RUz IS No 5, 2008, page 51-53.

2. Site effect evaluation based on microtremor measurements for Baku city. In co-authorship with Kadirov F.A., Babayev G.R., Gadirov A.H., Safarov R.T. Seismoforecasting researches carried out in the Azerbaijan Territory. Baku-2012, page 530.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
 Member of Seismologists Association of Azerbaijan.
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Main place of work and its address
 Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, Huseyn Javid avenue 119. Baku, Azerbaijan
 Leading search scientific specialist of geodynamics and seismology department
Office phone
 (+994 12) 5100141
 (+994 50) 3457274
Home phone
 (+994 12) 4934094
 (+994 12) 5372285