Bagirbekova Ofeliya Jafar gizi

Place of Birth
 Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of Birth
 27 july 1934
AZII (now the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy), higher
Scientific degree
PhD in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
 Senior Researcher
Topic of PhD thesis:            
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 "Petrography, lithology and mineralogy"
-  topic name
 Age dismember of Granitoid intrusions of the north-eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus according argon method
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Total number of printed scientific publications:
 more than 120 including 3 monographs
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 more than 40
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Main scientific achievements
First held in Azerbaijan radiogeochronological investigations magmatic formations of Azerbaijan by potassium - argon method. As a result, some fundamental questions allowed magmatic Geology of Azerbaijan, in particular the evolution of magmatism and age relationship of intrusive and volcanic formations involved in the structure of ore-bearing zones , decide that it was not possible methods of classical geology. Held definition of radiological age series of gold and polymetallic deposits in Azerbaijan and their relation with magmatism ( Kedabek, Dashkesan , Kyzylbulag , Belakan , Katekhchay etc.).Isotopic studies revealed age dismemberment volcanic rocks cut Saatly super-deep well; alkaline basaltic complex Mountain Talysh. Defined isotopic age of the rocks of the central part of the ophiolite complex L.Caucasus. Izotopic data provide a new geological development of the present study area. The technique of determining the age of alunite and experimentally proved the suitability of alunite for potassium - argon geochronometry and determine the age of alunite deposits mineralization Alunitdag, Kyrvakar etc.
Names of scientific works
1. Bagirbekova O.J, Jafarova R.S. Радиогеохронологические исследования метаморфизованных плагиогранитов в олистостромовой толще Гейча-Карабахской офиолитовой зоны Малого Кавказа (Азербайджан). Journal “Geophysics”, 2012 г, №1.
Bagirbekova O.J, Jafarova R.S.

2. Установление источника рудного вещества и времени алунитовой минерализации Загликского месторождения по изотопным данным. Materials V Russian conference on isotopic geochronology "Geochronometric isotopic systems, methods of their study, the chronology of geological processes." Russia, Moscow, IGEM RAN, 2012г.

3. Bagirbekova O.J, Jafarova R.S. Age definition of Gyzylbulaq copper-cold ore deposit (L.Caucasus) by potassium-argon method. International Earth science colloqium of the Argean region LESCA. Izmir, Turkiye, 2012.

4. Alizadeh H.A, Bagirbekova O.J. Использование цеолитов и бентонитовых глин для решения экологических проблем в нефтегазоносных областях. ANX, Baku 2013, №6.

5. Bagirbekova O.J, Jafarova R.S. Изотопный возраст Тутхунской группы интрузивов и связанного с ними золоторудного оруденения (Азербайджан). "Volcanism, biosphere and environmental problems." Materials of XVII International Scientific Conference. Russia, Maikop, Tuapse, 2013.
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Main place of work and its address
 Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences .H.Javid st., 119, Baku , AZ1143, Azerbaijan
 Leading Researcher
Office phone
 (+994 12) 5393242
 (+994 70) 3297952
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 (+994 12) 5139743
 (+994 12) 5372287