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Guliyev Hatam Hidayat oglu

Place of Birth
Azerbaijan Republic, Fizuli district
Date of Birth
Baku State University, mechanical-mathematical faculty
Scientific degree
Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences
Topic of PhD thesis:            
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Mechanics of the deformed solid body
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Influence of stiffness of the reinforcing element on concentration of stress in singly and multiply connected physically nonlinear media.
Topic of doctoral thesis:
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Mechanics of the deformed solid body
- topic name
Instability of elastic equilibrium near straight linear sections, non-circular holes and cavities caused by concentration of stress.
Election of corresponding member of ANAS:
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Geodynamics and rock mechanics
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Total number of printed scientific publications:
285, 6 monographs
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Main scientific achievements
His main scientific results consist of: creation of instability concept of evolution of the Earth and non-classical linearized approach to study this evolution; theoretical basis of mathematical-geodynamic model of development of internal structures of the Earth; mechanisms of formation of folding and fractures and their non-classical three-dimensional theory; exact solution of complete non-linear task of distribution of medium density in the Earth"s interior and proof of instability of this solution for different rocks; solving of problem of sequence of realization of deformation process and phase transitions depending on density; Development of differential geomechanical criteria of distribution of elastic and physical parameters on depth of the internal structures of the Earth; evidence of violations of these criteria in the solid core of the Earth; for the purpose of interpreting the data of observations on selfoscillations of the Earth, the solution of problem of selfoscillations of the three-layered sphere, elastic parameters which are not uniform in depth; nonlinear theories of multi-componential and three-dimensional seismic waves; creation of non-classical theoretical base model of seismicity; instability concept of destruction of rocks of the Earth"s interior; three-dimensional mathematical theory of loss of stability of equilibrium state in vicinities of wells, separate parts and internal structures of geological section; solution of nonlinear tasks on dynamics, mechanics of destruction, strength and stability of deformed solid bodies; development of paradigm of eternal cycle of matter; new definitions of matter concept, space and time; introduction of new concepts of free states and information form of matter into science; clarification of mechanism of unidirectionality of time flow and a number of important works on other scientific directions.
Names of scientific works
1. Guliyev H.H. Fundamental role of deformations in the internal dynamics of the earth. 34th international geological congress “The modern problems of geology and geophysics of eastern Caucasus and the South Caspian depression”, Brisbane, Australia, August 5 – 10, 2012, Special Issue Papers, Nafta-Press, Baku – 2012, p. 90 - 116.

2. Кулиев Г.Г. О некоторых вопросах космологии с позиций парадигмы вечного круговорота материи. Известия НАНА, Серия наук о Земле, 2012, №4, с. 81-86.

3. Guliyev H.H. Free state of matter. Azerbaijani Astronomical Journal, 2013, ed. 8, №3. p. 68-78.

4. Guliyev H.H., Aghayev Kh.B. Studying of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Rocks of Geological Section Considering the Influences of Recent Geodynamics. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2013, v. 7, No 5, p 441-455.

5. Кулиев Г.Г. Деформации, обусловленные процессами уплотнения, разуплотнения и фазовыми переходами во внутренних структурах Земли. Геофизический Журнал, 2013, №3, Т. 35, 166-176.

6. Guliyev H.H. Basic mechanisms of matter aspiration to free state. The Report of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 2015, V. LXXI, #1, p. 72-75.

7. Quliyev H.H., Akbarov S.D., Yahnioğlu N. Fonksiyonel derecelendirilmiş malzemeden yapılmış içi boş üçkatlı kürenin torsiyonel serbest titreşiminin diskrit-analitik yöntemle incelenmesi. XIX. Ulusal Mekanik kongresi, 24-28 Ağustos 2015, Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi, Trabzon, s. 427-438.

8. Akbarov S.D., Guliyev H.H., N. Yahnioğlu. Natural vibration of the three-layered solid sphere with middle layer made of FGM: three-dimensional approach. Structural Engineering and Mechanics An International Journal, Vol. 57, No. 2 (2016). p. 239-263. DOI:, WOS:000380078600002

9. Кулиев Г.Г., Агаев Х.Б., Гасанова Г.Г. Определение модулей упругости третьего порядка для осадочных пород на основе скважинных геофизических данных. Физика Земли, 2016, № 6, с. 54-60. DOI: 10.7868/S0002333716050069

10. Guliyev H.H., Aghayev Kh.B., Hasanova G.H. Determining the Elastic Moduli of the Third Order for Sedimentary Rocks Based on Well-Logging Data. Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, 2016, Vol. 52, No. 6, pp. 836–843. DOI: 10.1134/S1069351316050062, article/10.1134/ S1069351316050062

11. Guliyev H.H., Akbarov S.D., Nazmiye Yahnioglu. 3D analysis of the natural oscillation of the threelayered solid and hollow sphere with middle layer made of FGM. European Advanced Materials Congress 2016, 23-25 august 2016, DOI: 10.5185/eamc2016.

12. Guliyev H.H., Javanshir R.J., Hasanova G.H. Strain and elasticity parameters of the medium of the Earth"s depth in isotropic approximation. Transactions of NAS of Azerbaijan, Issue Mechanics, Series of Physical-Technical and Mathematical Sciences, 2017, 37 (7), p. 3-10.

13. Кулиев Г.Г. Парадигма вечного круговорота материи в космологии. Баку, издательство "Элм", 2017, 360 с.

14. Guliyev H.H., S. D. Akbarov, N. Yahnioglu. An Investigation on the Free Vibration of a Sphere with Inhomogeneous Initial Stresses. 6TH International Eurasian Conference On Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Book of abstracts, august 15-18, 2017, Budapest/Hungary, P. 174.

15. Guliyev H.H. Influence of high and super-high pressure on the propagation of elastic waves in isotropic media (О влиянии высоких и сверхвысоких давлений на распространение упругих волн в изотропных средах). Материалы III Международной Научной Конференции "Актуальные Проблемы Геосреды И Зондирующих Систем". 3-5 октября 2017 г., Киев, Украина, с. 49-50.

16. Guliyev H.H. New interpretation of data of the Earth"s solid core. IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 869 (2017) 012052, doi :10.1088/1742-6596/869/1/012052.

17. Guliyev H.H., Hasanova G.H. Intervals of stability and reliability of the Earth"s model parameters. The Reports of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 2017, Vol. LXXIII, #1, p. 62-66.

18. Кулиев Г.Г. Анализ результатов интерпретации упругих параметров твердого ядра Земли с позиций современной геомеханики. Геофизический журнал, 2017, Т. 39, №1, с. 79-96.

19. Кулиев Г.Г. Ответ на комментарий Я. М. Хазана к статье Г. Г. Кулиева«Анализ результатов интерпретации упругих параметров твердого ядра Земли с позиций современной геомеханики». Геофизический журнал, 2017, Т. 39, №2, с. 150-157.

20. Guliyev H.H., Akbarov S.D., Yahnioglu N. Three-dimensional analysis of the natural vibration of the three-layered hollow sphere with middle layer made of FGM. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Vol. 61, No. 5 (2017) 563-576, DOI:

21. Guliyev H.H. Geomechanical analysis of elastic parameters of the solid core of the Earth. Geomechanics and Engineering, An International Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1, 2018. DOI: ttps://
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
1. Member of the Defense Council of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS;

2. Member of central committee of SOCAR on "Oil-gas and condensate reserves" and "Development of oil-gas and gas condensate fields";

3. Member of the European Union on Geological Sciences;

4. Member of the National Committee of Azerbaijani geologists;

5. Member of the National Committee of Azerbaijani geophysicists;

6. Member of the board of experts of The Science Foundation of SOCAR;

7. Member of the international editorial board of the journal “Geinformatics”;

8. Member of the International Editorial Board of the International Geophysical journal, Ukraine, Kiev;

9. Member of the editorial board of journal “News, Series of Earth Sciences” of ANAS;

10. Member of the editorial board of journal “Geophysical news” and “Mechanics”;

11. Bonafide Member of the Oxford Academic Union;

12. Chairman of the Exhibition Commission for the organization of the Exhibition of Scientific Achievements of ANAS.

13. Vice president of the Azerbaijani branch of the International Union of Geophysicists;

14. Member of the Azerbaijani branch of American Society of Petroleum Engineers;

15. Member of the Azerbaijani branch of American Association of Petroleum Geologists;

16. Member of European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers;

17. Member of International Union of Economic Geology.
Pedagogical activity
Baku State University,

Kyiv State University,

Ukrainian Agricultural Academy,

Azerbaijan State Economic University.
Other activities
 Anchorman of program "Science and life" on republican television
Awarding and prizes
1. Silver medal of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR, 1988;

2. Decree of ANAS Presidium (2006 and 2016 years).
Main place of work and its address
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, 119, H.Javid, Baku, AZ1143, Azerbaijan Republic
Head of the department "Tectonophysics and geomechanics"
Office phone
(+994 12) 5105617
(+994 50) 3694749
Home phone
(+994 12) 5306044
(+994 12) 5372285