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Aliyev Adil Abas Ali oglu

Place of birth
Date of birth
7 September, 1930
Scientific degree
Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences 
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Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas deposits
Geological structure and petroleum potential of the hydrocarbon-bearing region of ridges Boyuk and Kichik Harami, and Mishovdag
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Geochemical research methods of mineral deposits
Geochemistry of mud volcanoes and hydrocarbon potential of ultra-deep deposits
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Basic scientific achievements
1. The connection between the formation of mud volcanoes with the processes occurring in the implementation of the Cenozoic molasse troughs and the role of oil and gas producing rocks of the Paleogene- Miocene in the manifestation of mud volcanism.

2. Developed geochemical methods of searches of deep oil and gas deposits in areas of mud and mapping method of extinct underwater mud volcanoes rooted on exploration areas.

3. Determination relationship between the activation of mud volcanoes and seismic activity.

4. The regularities of the spatial distribution of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan related to late orogenic phases of the Alpine orogeny was established.
Names of scientific works
1. Cothray, Aliyev Ad.A. Delineation of Mud Volcano Complex, Sacrificial Mudflows, Slump Blocks, and Shallow Gas Reservoirs Offshore Azerbaijan. Offshore Technology Conference. Houston, Texas, USA 1-4 May 2000, 28 p.

2. Алиев Ад. Грязевой вулканизм Южно-Каспийского нефтегазаносного бассейна. Геология и полезные ископаемые Мирового окена. Киев,2006, №3, с.35-51.

3. R. Mellors, D. Klib, Ad.A. Aliyev et all. Correlations between earthquakes and large mud volcano eruptions. J. Geophys. Res. 112 BO43404, doi: 10.1029/2006 JBOO4489, 2007

4. Ad.A. Aliyev, İ.S. Quliyev, R.R. Rahmanov. Catalogue of mud volcanoes eruptions of Azerbaijan (1810-2007) “Nafta-Press”, 2009, 106 p.

5. Aliyev Ad.A., Guliyev I.S., Dadashov F.G., Rakhmanov R.R. Atlas of the world mud volcanoes. Publishing House «Nafta-Press», Sandro Teti Editore, 2015, 322 p.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
Member of the Union of Journalists of Azerbaijan (№291)
Member of the editorial board of " Geology and mineral resources of the world ocean " and "Mineral resources of Ukraine" journals
Pedagogical activity
5 years
Other activities
Head of the scientific section of the institute

Member of the expert commission HAC under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Awards and prizes
1. 1970 - Anniversary medal "For Valiant Labor".

2. 1979 - Diploma of the All-Union Society "Knowledge" (Moscow).

3. 1981 - Bronze Medal Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR

4. 1984 - Graduated with a gold badge 27th session of the International Geological Congress (Moscow).

5. 1988 - Diploma of the USSR Embassy in SAR (Damascus).

6. 1999 - Diploma of the Presidium of the Trade Union of Journalists of Azerbaijan.

7. 2005 - Honorary diploma "Inam".

8. 2005 - Honoured Scientist AR (№ 0059).

9. 2008 - Personal Scholar AR.

10. 2010 - State Prize Laureate AR (№ 001).

11. 2013 - Gold medal "European publishing house" AR (№ 803 210 176)
Main place of work and its address
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, H.Javid av., 119, Baku AZ1073, Azerbaijan
Head of department
Office phone
(+994 12) 5394052
(+994 50) 6140332
Home phone
(+994 12) 5107949
(+994 12) 4975285