Under management control

Department of history of geological- geophysical sciences

Head of department Sc.D. (Geology-Mineralogy), professor Makhmudov Khikmet Ismail ogly

Phone: (994 12) 510 01 41
E-mail:[email protected]

The department was formed in 2010 for research of the geological and geophysical sciences’ history.

The main research trends:
  • Determination of the development stages of research trends in the field of petrology and metallogeny of Azerbaijan.
  • Research of the geological sciences history in its different fields, analysis of the conducted research works and their step-by-step systematization.
  • Reveal of the geochemical peculiarities and fields of the non-metallic mineral resources use in Azerbaijan.
  • History of geology development of Azerbaijan, tectonics, mineral resources, petrology and metallogeny. Conduction of scientific investigations and their comparison with historical geology of other countries including Russia, the USA, Europe, etc.
  • Alongside with petrology and metallogeny there are paid attention to other fields of geology in the conducted research works. There are included volcanology, geophysics, their development stages from geology history viewpoint, geology connections with ecology, analysis of research works connected with environmental problems in Azerbaijan.

It was obtained and classified more than 2000 main research works in the field of pe¬trology and metallogeny conducted in period of 1930-1970 in Azerbaijan. Research works analysis according to petrology and metallogeny was made and their priority research fields were determined.

It was investigated the geochemical peculiarities of perlite fields of Azerbaijan, the nature of the meteoric and juvenile water in them. It was used perlites in agriculture, chemical industry, environment, food industry, construction and in other fields. 7 inventors certificates were obtained.