Department of metasomatism and metamorphism

Acting head of department ScD (Geology and Mineralogy), professor Azadaliyev Jabrail Abdulali oglu.
Staff is 3, including 1 ScD

Phone: (994 12) 510 01 41 (123)
E-mail: [email protected]

Directions of research:
  • Establishment of genesis and regularities of the ore deposits formation;
  • Analysis of the zonation peculiarities of ore-bearing metasomatic changes;
  • Definition of the typomorphic features of minerals and mineral assemblage;
  • Study of the mineralogical-geochemical aspects of ores and wallrock metasomatites.
  • Considering that the surface detection probability of ore bodies in the territory of Republic reduces year in, it is necessary to develop the metasomatic and mineralogical and geochemical criteria of the direct search and forecasting of hidden ore deposits.

Employees of the department:
  • Calculated quantitative balance of the components input-offset in skarn metasomatism and characterized their geochemical behavior on the example of the Dashkesan skarn-iron-ore deposit with cobalt mineralization;
  • Developed geological-genetic and volumetric-geochemical models of the Garadagh deposit of copper-porphyry ores;
  • Developed geological-genetic model of the Dashkesen skarn-iron-ore deposit with cobalt mineralization;
  • Developed multifactorial genetic-petrological model of contact-thermal metamorphism of the Meso-Cenozoic intrusives of the Lesser Caucasus;
  • Established mineralogical boundary between successively-associated processes of hornfelsing and skarnification of the alumino-silicate rocks on the example of the Dashkesan ore field;
  • Carried out the genetic-formational systematization of ore-bearing metasomatites of the Lesser Caucasus;
  • Discovered and studied by precision methods the pumpellyite, abyssophobic mineral, which is new for the whole Lesser Caucasus;
  • Established and studied in detail the contact-thermal changes (hornfelsing) of the country rocks on the contacts of ultrabasic intrusives in the Central part of the Lesser Caucasus;
  • Established and proved the calcium skarns convergence of the Earths crust on the example of skarn features of the Lesser Caucasus;
  • Defined the “ore-magmatic systems” on the example of tectonomagmatic development of the Lesser Caucasus and developed the principles of their detection, suggested and proved the idea of dual (indirect and direct) evolution of their hydrothermal activity;
  • Established the tin-bearing of skarn metasomatites of the Ketam-Kilit zone of the Ordubad region;
  • Detected the orebodies and typomorphic peculiarities of mother lodes in the Bashkend placer gold deposit (Nakhchyvan AR), etc