Department of geotectonics and regional geology

Acting head of department: Dr., corresponding member of ANAS Kangarli Talat Nasrulla oglu

Tel.: +(99412) 5394476
Fax: +(99412) 5394476
E-mail: [email protected]

Department was established in 2011 resulting from reorganization of the Department of Geodynamics and Seismology.

Main areas of research:
  • study and interpretation of the surface and deep geological-tectonic structure and the common factors of earth crust formation in Azerbaijan and entire Caucasus Isthmus;
  • research of main earth crust development stages, reconstruction and modeling of the geodynamic evolution processes and finalization of crust’s modern structure;
  • study of tectonic occurrences and geodynamic processes at the latest stage of lithosphere’s evolution;
  • evaluation of the tectonic factors of seismic and exogenous processes, identification and analysis of the correlation between modern tectonic-geodynamic, seismic and exogenous processes, natural disaster risk forecast;
  • study of interrelations between the emergence and distribution of various minerals and the features of earth crust’s geological-tectonic structure;
  • encyclopedic summarization, development and publication of various GIS-based geological maps and models.

Major scientific achievements:
  • Development of new modernistic model of the country’s geological-tectonic structure and Alpine tectonic-geodynamic evolution.
  • Preparation of the methodic for studying as well as qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the neotectonic movements.
  • Together with Swiss and Caucasus specialists, development of modern 1:500000 scale GIS-based model of the tectonic structure of the Caucasus.
  • Together with specialists from the Caspian states, development and publication of 1:2500000 scale International Tectonic Map of the Caspian Sea and its’ Coastal Areas.
  • Contribution to development of the new 1:500000 scale Geological Map of Azerbaijan.
  • Development and publication of 1:500000 scale Neotectonic Map of Azerbaijan.
  • Development of new1:500000 scale Tectonic Map of Azerbaijan and Adjoining Territories on the geodynamic basis.
  • Development of new 1:1500000 scale Tectonic Map of Azerbaijan on the geodynamic basis.
  • As part of the “National Atlas of Azerbaijan Republic” development of 1:1500000 scale geological, neotectonic and tectonic regioning maps, as well as 1:250000 scale maps of the geological structure of Absheron peninsula and Nakhchivan AR.
  • Together with specialists of the Department of Mud volcanism, development of 1:1500000 scale map of the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan and its’ inclusion into the “National Atlas of Azerbaijan Republic”.
  • Together with specialists of the Department of Petrology, development and publication of 1:1000000 scale Mineragenic and Metallogenic maps of Azerbaijan on the geodynamic basis.
  • Development of 1:500000 scale structural map of Azerbaijan’s Pre-Jurassic basement.

Contribution to development of the following scientific summaries:
  1. Explanatory note to the International Tectonic Map of the Caspian Sea and its’ coastal areas. Moscow: Nauchniymir, 2003 (in Russian);
  2. Geology of Azerbaijan, vol. IV, Tectonics. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2005 (in Russian);
  3. F.S. Ahmedbeyli, M.I. Isayeva, F.A. Garidov, V.V. Korobanov. Neotectonic Stage Geodynamics of the Caucasus Segment of Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Belt. Baku:Nafta-Press, 2010(in Russian);
  4. The modern problems of geology and geophysics of Eastern Caucasus and the South Caspian depression. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2012;
  5. Geology of Azerbaijan Republic, Vol. I, Baku: Nafta-Press, 2014 (in Azeri).

Department’s specialists are the authors of following books published after gaining of the national independence:
  1. A.Sh. Shikhalibeyli. Geology and Mineral Resources of the Mountainous Garabagh of Azerbaijan. Baku: Elm, 1994 (in Russian);
  2. A.Sh. Shikhalibeyli. Some Problematic Issues of the Geological Structure and Tectonics of Azerbaijan.Baku: Elm, 1996 (in Russian);
  3. F.S. Ahmedbeyli. Neotectonics and Some Aspects of Late-orogenic Geodynamics of Azerbaijan. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2004 (in Russian);
  4. F.S. Ahmedbeyli, A.G. Hasanov. Tectonic Types of the Seismic Focuses of Azerbaijan. Baku: Elm, 2004(in Russian);
  5. F.S. Ahmedbeyli. Volcanos and Earthquakes of the Earth. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2011(in Russian);
  6. T.N.Kangarli, Sh.A. Babayev. Geological heritage of Azerbaijan Republic. Baku: “Qoliaf qrup”, 2012;
  7. T.N.Kangarli, Sh.A. Babayev. Geological Heritage of Azerbaijan Republic (in Azeri and Russian). Baku: Nafta-Press, 2013.

International relations and cooperation:
  • Within the frame works of implemented research established is fruitful cooperation with scientists from the following research centers of the near and far abroad: Geological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and its Dagestan branch, ВСЕГИНГЕО (Russian Federation), Institutes of Geology and Geophysics of Georgia, Institute of Geological Sciences of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Keele University (Great Britain), Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University and University of Nice - S. Antipolis(France), Fribourg University (Switzerland), Californian University (USA);
  • Within the framework of international cooperation implemented are several research programs (MEBE, DARIUS, SNRS) and grant projects with the financial support of international national foundations (INTAS, SRDF, STCU, SCOPES).
  • Department’s specialists are members of ProGEO, MinPRO, EGU and AGU.