Yardimly meteorite

Yardimly meteorite is the first iron meteorite in Azerbaijan which fell down on 24th November 1959 at 7.05 (Moscow time). It occurred after fall of wellknown meteoritic rain Sihote-Alin. Six individual specimen were found here with total weight 152.56 kg: 127 kg, 11.3 kg, 5.9 kg, 2.3 kg and 0.36 kg.

The area of fall of Yardimly meteoritic rain - 8-1.5 km and it has ellipse form. Meteorite of 127 kg formed a cone with diameter of 2.8 m in flight direction and 2 m perpendicular to it. This cone is by 1 km to north-west from vill. Zhi (Ziya) in the north-eastern part of Uzun-Zami area.The cone walls have south-western inclination with azimuth 220-2300. Stock of the cone forms with horizon angle 55-600. The depth of the cone is 1.9 m in its central part.

The rocks which are in contact with meteorite are consolidated and discolorated. Before division meteorite moved from south-west to north-east by azimuth 225-2300. Regmagliptic relief is perfectly represented on the surfaces of meteorites and regmaglitos have size from several millimeters till 10 cm. They are represented by deepening, frequently 5-6 brink form stretched in flight direction. Melting crust has thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm, deep-brown and black colour, matt surface. The meteorite weighing 127 kg differs from the others by its shape and size. It has a rough pear-like size. Its length is 48 cm, its weight in the middle is about 26 cm and in both ends it is 24 cm. Its height in one end is 18 cm and in another end it is 28 cm (see picture).

Sharp increase of mountains height causes the stages of relief and this is expressed well in change of geographical zones.

In all the surfaces of the meteorite very big and deep regmaglites with high flanks. Sizes of some regmaglites vary from 2 to 3-3.5 cm and very rarely they are up to 4 cm. In the surface of the meteorite there exist about 40 relatively big hollows. Their content was melted out during the movement of the meteorite in the atmosphere have a wide spread. Sizes of hollows vary from 8 mm to 25 x 40 mm.

The mineralogic composition of the Yardimly meteorite consists mainly of kamacite (91-95%). In the subordinate amount are the following components - taenite (ilesite), triolite, scheibersite (and rabite) and graphite. Roentgenostructural examination demonstrated the existence in the graphite mass of the amorphous (probably cryptocrystalline) matter. The bituminologic examination revealed bitumen. As a result of the study of the magnetic properties of the Yardimly meteorite there was determined that they represent mainly a three-phase system with the temperature of Curie: 1) 3500C - corresponds to the mineral with a high amount of nickel; 2) 5300C - corresponds to schreberzite; 3) 765-7700C corresponds to kamacite.

There was determined a heterogenity of distribution of the ferromagnetic components in the meteorite.

Chemical composition of the Yardimly meteorite

Component 5.7 kg specimen 127 kg specimen Inclusions of troilite and graphite
Ferrum 93.19 92.29 32.56
Nickel 6.30 6.86 -
Cobalt 0.42 0.41 0.40
Phosphorus 0.10 0.29 traces
Sulphur no no 18.91
Carbon no 0.10 48.13
Copper 0.01 0.01 -
Total: 100.02 99.96 100.00

In a very small amount there exist silicium, aluminum, magnesium, manganese, helium, germanium.

Besides the above mentioned, two more meteorites fell down the territory of the Ajiveli region on the 7th of April 1981 (25 kg) and in the Kazakh region on the 16th of March 1906 (3719 gr.)

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