Rustamov Mukhtar Ibrahim oglu

Place of Birth
 Nakhchivan AR, Ordubad city
Date of Birth
 March 19, 1931
Higher, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University
Scientific degree
 Sc.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)
 Chief researcher
Topic of PhD thesis:            
-  specialty code
-  specialty name
 Petrology, volcanology
-  topic name
 Lower Pliocene volcanism of the Nakhchivan folded zone
Topic of doctoral thesis:
- specialty code
 25.00.03; 23.00.04
- specialty name
 Geotectonics, geodynamics; Petrology, volcanology
- topic name
Geodynamics and magmatism of the Caspian-Caucasian segment of the Mediterranean belt in Phanerozoic.
Election of corresponding member of ANAS:
- date
- specialty name 
Election of active member of ANAS:
- date
- specialty name 
Total number of printed scientific publications:
- number of scientific publications printed abroad
- number of papers  published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases
Certificates of authorship and number of patents
 2-certificates of authorship and the discovery of polygorskite and pliolite clays in Nakhchivan depression and discovery of native gold in Alinjachay basin
Staff training:     
- number of  PhD
- number of Doctor of sciences
Main scientific achievements
Dissected the Paleo-Mezo-Cenozoic magmatism manifestation, established their petrofund, petrogenesis and plate tectonic plates in geodynamic evolution of the folded area. Recognized the regularities of magmatism interrelation with tectonics; first on the Caucasus – the caldera of volcano-tectonic origin, which change to ore-magmatic systems due to granitoid magmatism manifestation. For the first time on the Lesser Caucasus the Eocene volcano-plutonic association was established in evolution trend of Paleogene magmatism. Proposed a new presentation of tectonic position and structure of Zangezur, Talysh, Garabagh in the Lesser Caucasian-Albors system and established submerged ophiolitic suture of Zangezur and its extension between Iranian Karadagh and Talysh. Being the founder-pioneer of regional geodynamic studies in the Republic, composed the evolution models of Paleo-Meso- and NeoThethys in Phanerozoic history of Persian-Caucasian segment of NW trending. Established the meridional rifting with Cretaceous volcanism in the South-Caspian region and proposed a new presentation of formation of the molasse megabasin and its consolidated crust during collision stage, and also about hydrocarbon origin due to deep-seated thermal-mass flow and crust resurgation.
Names of scientific works
1. Новые данные о тектоническом строении Южного Зангезура. Геотектоника, 1968, №2, с.117-124

2. О наличии кальдеры на Малом Кавказе и механизм ее формирования. Дан СССР, 1973, т.211, №6, с.1426-1428

3. Кальдеры с конфокальными гранитоидами – новый морфогенетический тип магматизма на Малом Кавказе. ДАН СССР, 1976, т.228, №6, с.1403-1406

4. Олистостромовые образования и проблемы офиолитов Араксинской зоны. Изв.АН Азерб.ССР. Серия наук о Земле. 1979, №5, с.84-91

5. Geodinamic evolution of the South-Caspian basin and its oil and gas bearing system. “OGU 2002”, London-Tashkent, p.161-176

6.Южнокаспийский бассейн - геодинамические события и процессы. Баку, Nefta-Press, 2005, 345 c.

7. Главные тенденции геодинамической эволюции Центрального сегмента Тетиса. В кн. – Проблемные вопросы геодинамики, петрологии и металлогении Кавказа. Баку, Nafta-press, 2006, с. 14-35

8. Геодинамика и магматизм Загрос-Кавказского сегмента в фанерозое. «Palmarium» 2016, Том. 1, 525 стр; Том 2, 408 стр.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
1. Russian Mineralogical Society
2. The member of Caucasian mineral resources SRI expert commission
Pedagogical activity
Other activities
Awarding and prizes
1. Medal “Terreggi”
2. Honoured engineer, 2015
Main place of work and its address
 Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, H.Javid Av., 119, Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan
Head of the department of petrology
Office phone
(+994 12) 5100141
(+994 55) 6013312
Home phone
(+994 12) 5393526
(+994 12) 4975285

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