Mamedov Musa Nasib oglu

Place of Birth
Gadjilyar village, Kedabec region, Azerbaijan
Date of Birth
Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree
Doctor of geologic-mineralogical sciences
Topic of PhD thesis:            
-  specialty code
-  specialty name
Petrology, volcanology
-  topic name
Petrologic properties of the alkaline-basaltic and alkaline-ultrabase formation of Talysh
Topic of doctoral thesis:
- specialty code
- specialty name
Petrology, volcanology
- topic name
Petrology of late Cretaceous and Eocene magmatic formations in the Lesser Caucasus and Talysh
Election of corresponding member of ANAS:
- date
- specialty name 
Election of active member of ANAS:
- date
- specialty name 
Total number of printed scientific publications:
- number of scientific publications printed abroad
- number of papers  published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases
Certificates of authorship and number of patents
Staff training:     
- number of  PhD
- number of Doctor of sciences
Main scientific achievements
Established that the santonian volcano-plutonic complexes of Khojavend Synclinorium of Lesser Caucasus formed by melting amphibolized subalkaline picrite and Eocene-Oligocene complexes of Talysh zone - subalkali phlogopite peridotite substrates (for the first time 3%, in the second - 10-12%).
Names of scientific works
1. Клинопироксены трахибазальт-трахидоле­рито­вого и тефрит-тешенитового комплексов Ход­жа­вендского прогиба. Отечественная гео­логия, №6, 2012, с.48-55.

2. Петрогенетическое значение шпинелидов в процессе кристаллизации пород трахибазальт-трахидоле­ри­то­вого и тефрит-тешенитового комплексов Ходжавенд­ского прогиба Малого Кавказа. Bakı Univer­site­ti­nin xəbərləri, Təbiət elm­ləri, №3, 2013, s.82-96.

3. Минеральные парагенезисы трахибазальт-трахи­доле­ритового и тефрит-тешенитового ком­п­лек­сов Ходжа­вендского прогиба Малого Кавказа. AMEA Xəbərlər. Yer elm­­­ləri. №2, 2013, s.26-36.

4. Индикаторное значение железо-хром оксид­ных ми­­не­ралов в процессе кристалли­зации трахиба­зальт-трахидолери­тового и теф­рит-тешенитового комплек­сов Ходжавенд­с­ко­го прогиба Малого Кав­каза. Известия Ба­кинс­ко­­­го Университета. №3, 2015, серия Естест­венных наук, с.76-85.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
Member of Editorial Board of «Geological Bulletin of Turkey»
Pedagogical activity
Baku State University, 2000-2014
Other activities
Awarding and prizes
Main place of work and its address
Baku State University
Professor of Baku State University, Head of the department of Petrology at the Institute of Geology and Geopysics, ANAS
Office phone
(+994 55) 7888221
Home phone
(+994 12) 5504577

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