Abdullayev Zakir Bynyat oglu

Place of birth
Karadjamirli village of the Samkir region, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth
Azerbaijan State University 
Scientific degree
Doctor of geologic-mineralogical sciences 
Topic of  PhD thesis:
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- topic name
Geochemistry of the elements of the iron family in the ultrabasic rocks of the Lesser Caucasus
Topic of doctoral thesis:
- specialty code
- specialty name
- topic name
2503.01;   2515.01
Geochemist; petrology, volcanology
Basic-hyperbasik complex of the ophiolite association in the Lesser Caucasus
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Basic scientific achievements
Research field: petrological and geochemical aspects of basite-hyperbasic complexes of ophiolitic association of Lesser Caucasus. For the first time, using the chemical and mineralogical bases, substantial classification and studied rocks nomenclature were developed. He put forward an idea about ​​the polygenic nature of the hyperbasites. Together with magmatic types, the types formed in specific physical and chemical conditions were determined along the contact with the basic intrusions. The carriers and rare elements concentrators were defined; shapes of their locations were established by calculating of the mineral balance. Prospecting and geochemical criteria of ore fields were developed and unlike traditional ideas, pyroxene dunites compliance as chrome-containing types was confirmed. Confirming isochemical course of serpentinization it was established primary mineral composition definition on the basis of the chemical composition of ultrabasites. He together with co-authors for the first time developed method of synthesis which is unique in nature of magnesium-containing zeolite-liken adsorbents on the basis of the perlite-antigorite composition. 
Names of scientific works
1. Дегидратация серпентинитов как породообразующий процесс. Мат-лы Межд. науч.-практ. конф. «Геология в XXI веке» Алматы, 2011, с. 231-234.
2.Proseslərin geokimyası. Bakl “Nafta-Press”, 2011, 110 s. N.Ə.Novruzov.
3. Базит-гипербазитовые плутоны Азербайджана – полигенные образования. Мат-лы Межд.-практ. конф «Актуальные проблемы современной геологии Казахстана». Алматы, 2012, с. 13-16.
4. Serpentinləşmə prosesinin petroloji mahiyyəti. “Yer və insan” jurnalı. Bakı, 2014, №, s. 38-41
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
Pedagogical activity
Professor, Baku State University
Other activities
Awards and prizes
Hohorary certificate
«Tereggi» (Medal)
Main place of work and its address
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, H.Javid av., 119 
Chief research worker 
Office phone
(+994 12) 5100141 
(+994 50) 5729211 
Home phone
(+994 12) 4325040

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