Babazadeh Aliya Dadash gizi

Place of Birth
 Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of Birth
 Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry (now Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University), Geological Exploration Faculty
Scientific degree
 PhD in geology
Topic of PhD thesis:            
-  specialty code
-  specialty name
 “General and Regional Geology” (Paleontology and Stratigraphy)
-  topic name
 «The Akchagylian Cardiidae of Shamakha region of Azerbaijan»
Topic of doctoral thesis:
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- specialty name
- topic name
Election of corresponding member of ANAS:
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Election of active member of ANAS:
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Total number of printed scientific publications:
 36, icluding 1 monography and one stratigraphical atlas
- number of scientific publications printed abroad
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Certificates of authorship and number of patents
Staff training:     
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- number of Doctor of sciences
Main scientific achievements
 Biostratigraphical investigation of microfauna solid products of mud volcanoes (from Black Sea to Sakhalin), the study of Geological sections of regions and restoration of the bionomical conditions in paleobasin.
The biostratigraphycal investigations of microfauna (foraminifera, osatacoda, fish remains-otolites, mollusks-microscopical size) in core and outcrop samples within Jurassic-Pleistocene stratigraphical interval in Azerbaijan.
Names of scientific works
1. 2005. R.M.Hoogendorn, J.F.Boells, S.B.Kroo-nenberg, M.D.Simmons, E.Aliyeva, A.Babazadeh, D.Huseynov. Development of Kura delta, Azerbaijan: a pecordof Holocene Caspian sea-level changes.”Marine Geology”, International Journal of Marine Geology,Geochemistry and Geophyzics, 222-223 (2005) 359-380.

2. 2005. S.B.Kroonenberg, M.D.Simmons, N.I. Alekseevski, E.Aliyeva, A.Babazadeh, D.Huseynov et al. Two Deltas, two Basins, one River, one Sea: the Modern Volga Delta as an Analoque of the Neogene Productive Series, SouthCaspianBasin. SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), Special Publication No. 83, ISBN,1-56576-113-8, p.231-256, Copyrigt 2005.

3. 2007. A. Babazadeh, E. Amirov. Ostracodes as an indicator of habitat (case study of Holocene ostracodes from the delta of Kura river in the Caspian Sea of Azerbaijan Republic) Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 9, 04913, SRef-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU2007-A-04913.© European Geosciences Union.

4. 2008. Elmira Aliyeva, Dadash Huseynov, Aliya Babazadeh, Alan Jay Kaufman, Dag Nummedal. Microfossils records of climatic and depositional environment changes in lower Pliocene South Caspian succession. The 33-rd International Geological Congress, Oslo, 6-14 August.

5. 2011. Babazadeh A.D. Micropaleontology of the South Caspian Lower Pliocene Productive Series. International Scientific Journal ”Stratigraphy and sedimentology of oil-gas basins”, #2, pp. 3-14.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
 Member of Paleontolgical Society of Azerbaijan
Pedagogical activity
 The Teacher of Stratigraphy and Historical Geology in Cair “General Geology, Stratigraphy” of State Oil Academy of Azerbaijan.
Other activities
 In Stratigraphical interval Jurassic-Pleystocene biostratigraphycal investigations rock samples (stratigraphycal divisions, correlation and bionomical conditions in paleobasins) from prospecting wells of SOCAR (Azerbaijan), Total (France), “Arawakenerji” (Canada), China and others Oil Companies.
Awarding and prizes
 Merited engineer of Azerbaijan; “Tereggi” medal
Main place of work and its address
 Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, H.Javid av., 119, Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan
 Head of the Department "Paleontology and stratigraphy"
Office phone
 (+994 12) 5100141
 (+994 50) 3616918
Home phone
  (+994 12) 3750674
  (+994 12) 5372285